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So much more than Drugs and Alcohol



Employee Assistance Professional/Program has become synonymous with drugs and alcohol, but we are so much more than that. If there is a challenge that is affecting your work productivity chances are we may be a resource to assist. No we don’t have a magic button or all the answers or the answers you always want to hear but we have a vast wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and within our professional community.
You are not the first person to walk or call into EAP with a difficult problem, it may be the first time for us, however, within our network of confidential resources we are capable of addressing most challenges. For example, did you know you may have access to free legal advice from worklife? Did you know if you have a family member being bullied from school/media we have resources for that? Lastly did you know if your marriage is slightly on the rocks we have counselors and therapists that can assist; in this messy world “assist” doesn’t always mean fix – yes some marriages will inevitably dissolve. And yes we do handle cases involving substance abuse (drugs) and alcohol. As I mentioned life gets messy and it can affect our work performance, however there is no shame is getting help. We all have skeletons in our closets and behaviors we have done that we certainly are not proud of, an employee assistance professional is not the judge. We don’t judge; we listen intently, assess and refer. I happen to be one of the new EAP’s in this professional community and there currently has not been a challenge my colleagues have not been able to promptly support. So, if you or a family member is feeling stress, anxiety or just need to vent from these complex lives we live in, make the move and make the call.
Archie Hunnicutt
Teamsters Local Union 1150/Sikorsky

Upcoming Conference


Chapter News

Hi everybody. I just posted my weekly personal blog and, at the end, included a plug for our Medical Marijuana conference on June 18th. If you want to check out this blog post, click on, or cut & paste the following link into your browser:

Welcome to CT EAPA Blog


Chapter News

Hello CT EAPA members,

I welcome you to our first CT EAPA blog post. You should be receiving this because of your membership in the Connecticut Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Our hope is that you and other CT EAPA members will use the blog to share important EAP related information with other chapter members between our regularly scheduled monthly meetings. I believe it’s important to keep the information shared relevant to the EAP field in general. We can also share chapter members’ joys and concerns, much as we do in our monthly meetings.

In order to protect the integrity of our website and blog, the blog has been set up in such a way that people wishing to sign up for it can do so right from the website ( click on far right “Blog”) but they are placed in a pending status until I approve them. Because you are receiving this, you are already signed up so, PLEASE, do NOT sign up again. Also, you can post to the blog as you believe appropriate. However the webmaster has recommended, and I agreed, that blog posts will be reviewed for appropriateness before they are published. For now, I am the lucky one! 🙂 One other note is that, once approved, posts to the blog will be sent out seven days a week but only at 12 noon. This is a function of the programs that we are using in order to keep the costs down.

For those interested in the more technical aspects, Carol, our webmaster has been working with me and we are using a WordPress blog and are maintaining our address list with MailChimp.

If you have any difficulties with receiving, posting to, or any other issues with the blog, please contact me by separate email to: If I am unable to help you I will contact Carol and see if we can get the issue resolved.

One last issue for now – please be sure to sign your blog post, okay?

Peace, John (aka John Pacheco, 203-375-5782 vm 2)